This Atheist Will Officiate Your Wedding in Atlanta (But He’s Not the Only One) August 20, 2018

This Atheist Will Officiate Your Wedding in Atlanta (But He’s Not the Only One)

The Daily Tribune News, a local newspaper in Georgia, ran an interesting profile and interview over the weekend with Brandon Lee, an atheist who officiates weddings and literally calls himself “The Atheist Officiant.”

That’s all well and good. Though technically speaking, he was ordained through the Universal Life Church — it takes all of a few minutes and a few bucks — so he’s actually a religious minister. (Details, details…) He says he officiates about 10 services a year at $300 a pop.

I mention all this because there were a few details left out of the article.

Like when Lee says this:

Very few people want what I offer. But what I offer, the people who want it don’t want anything else. It’s an odd situation where I kind of have a monopoly on it.

That’s… not true.

There are Secular Celebrants and Humanist Celebrants all over the country — ordained by actual non-theistic organizations instead of a makeshift church. (I counted seven Humanist Celebrants in Georgia alone.)

So it’s not that Lee has a monopoly. It’s that a lot of people are just unaware of their options.

This comment also made me laugh:

“There is not a lot of money in atheism,” Lee said. “I have earned thousands, and as far as I know I’m one of the higher earning atheists in the world.”

That’s… not true.

A quick browse through public Patreon or Kickstarter pages reveal plenty of atheists who monetize their activism, some very handsomely. That’s not to mention authors, bloggers, people who work for atheist non-profit groups, etc.

Still, more power to Lee for providing the service. If you’re interested in booking him, you can find more information here.

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