In Argentina, There’s a Movement to Help People Quit the Catholic Church August 20, 2018

In Argentina, There’s a Movement to Help People Quit the Catholic Church

Even though about two-thirds of Argentina’s population is Catholic, there’s plenty of frustration and anger directed at the Catholic Church, especially after the recent legislative vote to block abortion rights in the country. (It’s already led to one death.) The Church was widely believed to have influenced that vote which would’ve permitted abortions through 14 weeks of pregnancy.

It’s not just abortion. The Church has been on the wrong side of women’s suffrage, marriage equality, transgender rights, comprehensive sex education, death with dignity, and even divorce law. People are getting fed up with an immoral institution paving the way for immoral policies.

That’s why, over the weekend, hundreds of people gathered in Buenos Aires to protest the Church and help people quit the Church for good. It was part of a protest called Collective Apostasy.

The event, called “Collective Apostasy,” centered on a signature drive for Argentines wanting to renounce their affiliation to the church through a form that will later be given to the Episcopal Conference in the homeland of Pope Francis.

“We are receiving the apostasies of all the people who want to renounce their ties to the Catholic Church,” said one of the organizers, Maria Jose Albaya.

It’s not the first time this kind of protest has taken place. A similar de-registration drive occurred in 2009. But there are many more concrete reasons to be against the Church today.

While anyone is welcome to just stop going to Church, what’s tricky is that they may still be on the Church’s membership rolls. If they were baptized in the Church, they need to do some work to get taken off the list. That’s what this protest is helping them do. (Mormons in the U.S. did something similar a couple of years ago.)

To be fair, we’re only talking about a few hundred people in a country of more than 40 million. This is a drop in the ocean. However, the more people realize this is an option, or even if people realize they don’t have to just sit back and accept the positions of the Church, the greater the pressure will be to keep church and state separate.

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