This Kid’s Video Teaches Children How to Preach the Flat Earth to Their Families August 18, 2018

This Kid’s Video Teaches Children How to Preach the Flat Earth to Their Families

A young woman made a cute, clever video about how to spread an unpopular opinion when everyone around you thinks you’re crazy. Be persistent, she suggests, and you’ll eventually get through to somebody! It’s good advice!

Unfortunately, Summer Loewen is talking about a Flat Earth… and it looks like she has the help of her family members in pushing this conspiracy theory on her YouTube channel “NoLiesDomedSkies.”

No surprise that she equates belief in a Flat Earth with the Bible. Science doesn’t support either one, so fictional ideas must band together…

I normally wouldn’t criticize a teenager with bad ideas. She needs time and space to work through her beliefs. Still, this video is already being promoted and shared by other “prominent” Flat Earthers, and their commenters are praising it like it’s the greatest checkmate in the history of science.

Blame them, not the kids.

Side note: The most telling part of the video comes about 15 seconds in when her sister is reading a book… upside down. That sister also said on Facebook that they’re a “flat earth fam of 9 (and both sets of grandparents… and cousins!)” So… that’s the new most disturbing thing I’ve heard all day.

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