It’s Official: Batman’s an Atheist August 16, 2018

It’s Official: Batman’s an Atheist

***Update***: The writer of this issue says he didn’t intend to depict Batman as an atheist. Take that as you will.

The latest issue of the Batman series (Batman #53) includes a confession from the Caped Crusader that he doesn’t believe in God. His father raised him as a Christian, but after his death, Bruce Wayne just… walked away.

In the storyline (spoilers ahead), Bruce Wayne is serving jury duty on a case where Batman is being accused of a crime. (That’s convenient.) Speaking to one of his fellow jurors, a Christian, Bruce Wayne explains that he’s no longer a believer.

Well, except in Batman. Everyone can believe in Batman… even if he goes too far at times. Especially Bruce Wayne, who says in the comic that “God is above us. And he wears a cape.” (He would know.)

Derek Stauffer of ScreenRant puts this in context:

Batman’s religious background has shifted over the years, and members of the Bat-Family have starred in stories including their personal faiths. While he’s never been portrayed as Jewish like his cousin, Batwoman, Batman is generally implied to be some denomination of Christian (be it Catholic or Protestant). The area where things become complicated (and most interesting) is where Bruce landed religiously AFTER the death of his parents.

Stauffer adds that Batman’s atheism isn’t treated as a bad thing or something to be pitied. It’s just a part of the story. Credit goes to writer Tom King for not using Batman’s non-belief as a punching bag.

I guess this means we can add him to the list of Fictional Atheists and Agnostics.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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