A Satanic Monument Was Briefly (But Gloriously) Unveiled Outside the AR Capitol August 16, 2018

A Satanic Monument Was Briefly (But Gloriously) Unveiled Outside the AR Capitol

This afternoon, The Satanic Temple held a rally outside the Arkansas State Capitol building alongside a giant statue of Baphomet. They want to install it there permanently, just as State Sen. Jason Rapert did with his Ten Commandments monument.

Check out these glorious images:

Happening in Little Rock, AR right now – with special thanks to Senator Jason Rapert. from r/pics

Rapert himself wasn’t at the rally, but he issued a statement this morning supporting the Satanists’ free speech rights, adding that they were “uplifting the profane” and calling them “extremists.”

The Satanic Temple’s spokesperson Lucien Greaves thanked Rapert in his opening remarks, which was obviously a pleasant jab more than anything. After all, without Rapert pushing for a Christian monument on government property, there would be no legal argument for a Satanic statue to be there either. It’ll be up to the courts to decide whether the Baphomet statue can go up permanently or if the Ten Commandments monument needs to come down. The worst-case scenario would be for the judges to allow the Christian display while permitting the state legislature to reject all other ones.

(Thanks to @SopaHog for the link)

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