Christian Writer Equates Gay Couples to Pedophiles in Review of Netflix Show August 15, 2018

Christian Writer Equates Gay Couples to Pedophiles in Review of Netflix Show

Christian author and radio host Eric Metaxas insists in an essay for the website BreakPoint that children should be “frightened” by same-sex relationships the same way they are scared of pedophiles.

That’s what happens when you don’t understand the meaning of consent.

And to think that this senseless rant was brought on by the Netflix show Anne with an E

The Netflix series, titled “Anne with an E,” just began its second season. The episodes are charming — until you get to episode seven, in which Anne, her friend Diana Berry, and a boy named Cole attend a gathering at the home of Diana’s great-Aunt Josephine. It turns out the party is a “queer soiree,” featuring men dressed as women, and wearing heavy makeup, and women dressed as men. They are there to honor the memory of Josephine’s departed “partner,” Gertrude.

Looking around her, Anne exclaims to Diana, “Isn’t this the most amazing group of people!” Well, I can’t help thinking that if a sheltered young girl like Anne actually encountered cross-dressing men and women in 1908, she would be shocked and probably frightened — not delighted.

Metaxas can’t handle it, therefore a fictional character should be frightened, too? That’s quite the projection. Maybe she’s able to enjoy the costumes and camaraderie instead of treating the gathering as if it was some statement about cross-dressing.

If that scene deserves criticism, it’s only for being an unrealistic depiction of 19th century Prince Edward Island. (But I digress…)

Metaxas continues by taking another beautiful moment out of context, referring to the title character discussing someone else’s secretive same-sex relationship.

And in case you missed the gay-is-good point of the episode, the writers have Anne asking another character: “How can there be anything wrong with a life if it’s spent with a person you love?”

To answer Anne’s question: Plenty. People have suffered greatly through inappropriate “love”: For instance, a child whose father decided to love someone other than his wife, or a child who is loved, in an erotic way, by an adult.

Metaxas is equating a comment about same-sex love — that is, consensual love between adults — with adultery and sexual abuse.

The problem isn’t the Netflix show. It’s the Christian mindset that insists, for no good reason, that all those groups are one and the same. They’re not. It’s not that difficult to grasp. So why is a so-called “evangelical intellectual” having so much trouble comprehending it?

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