Pro-Gay Church Opening a Brewery Will Donate Some Proceeds to Planned Parenthood August 14, 2018

Pro-Gay Church Opening a Brewery Will Donate Some Proceeds to Planned Parenthood

It’s not every day you that hear about a church like this one.

A pro-LGBTQ church in Northern California is building its own public brewery/worship space so beer can be served during services, and some of the proceeds, they now say, are going to Planned Parenthood.

We first reported on the Greater Purpose Community Church in Santa Cruz last month, when we learned that its pastor had found a way to make church services more interesting: alcohol. What we didn’t know at the time — and what Fox News has certainly latched on to — is that the incredibly progressive church will donate some of the proceeds from the divine brewery directly to a group opposed by many Christian churches.

[Pastor Christopher] VanHall says he likes that Planned Parenthood has local offices just upstairs from the church’s soon-to-be new location in the old Logos building. “A woman’s right to choose is something most churches are silent on or opposed to, but that’s not where we stand in the faith community,” he explains.

“We hope to be an absolute conundrum for people walking by,” he says. “A church that serves beer and gives the profits away to places like Planned Parenthood is really exciting to me.”

With all the criticism churches get on this site — and rightfully so — it’s hard to complain about this one. (At least if you look beyond the religious beliefs themselves.) They’re open to new ideas, not overly strict about what behavior people engage in, and they actively support LGBTQ rights and women’s reproductive freedom.

Would the biblical Jesus want his followers drinking beer in church (especially since the Bible itself actually warns about the dangers of over-consuming wine)? Who knows. Then again, who cares? It’s not like many Christian churches seem to care about anything Jesus preached these days. At least this church isn’t going out of its way to hurt people like so many others do. They care about their community and about rights for its most vulnerable residents. That rare to see. Cheers to everyone there.

(Image via Facebook. Thanks to Jim for the link)

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