Creationist Kent Hovind Now Says Celery is Proof That Evolution is False August 13, 2018

Creationist Kent Hovind Now Says Celery is Proof That Evolution is False

It was just a couple of weeks ago when Creationist Kent Hovind argued that the existence of broccoli disproved evolution because it was too complicated to have evolved without God’s help. (It was the same argument Ray Comfort once made about bananas — and equally ignorant.)

Looks like Hovind is just going through the alphabet now, because on his livestream last night, he argued that celery was also a proverbial checkmate to atheists.


How could celery have evolved slowly by chance, and from what?… I would like some hard scientific evidence. What is the ancestor of celery if it wasn’t celery? What was it? And if it was something other than celery, please tell me how it changed.

How many trillions of intermediate steps would there have to be to go from an amoeba to celery? I would say it would take a lot. I would like to see what’s the evidence is for that…

Evolution is a religion! And you don’t like me saying that, and that’s why I’m gonna keep saying it.

It’s almost the same script as before, which means Hovind still hasn’t discovered Google in the past couple of weeks.

I could try offering an answer to the question, but the problem with Creationists is that they don’t actually want to hear an answer. They think their ignorance is enough proof for everyone. Even though there’s a lot out there explaining how celery got into our hands.

Hovind could do the research… but he doesn’t want to. He’d rather make videos arguing that God Did It applies to food as well as everything else.

If he’s going down this path, he should at least make the next food more interesting. What about D for Ding Dong? At least, for once, he’d be an expert.

(via @paulogia0)

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