Preacher Calls for Prayer Against Witches’ “Demonic Influence” Over SCOTUS Pick August 9, 2018

Preacher Calls for Prayer Against Witches’ “Demonic Influence” Over SCOTUS Pick

In case you haven’t heard, any open Supreme Court seats are at risk of being manipulated by witches. Therefore, you should fast and pray for three days straight, according to Trump-supporting Dominionist preacher Lou Engle.

In a message sent by his group TheCall, Engle explained the Witch Conspiracy:

Immediately following Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement, something quite revealing began to take place — something you won’t hear about in the news. Sources revealed that witches began making phone calls to Senators’ offices to curse them with brazen witchcraft in an effort to exert a demonic influence over the process. Make no mistake — this is a spiritual battle of the highest order.

Therefore, we are calling ALL BELIEVERS — mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters — to fast like Esther, Mordecai, and their people did in the time of crisis.

While we do not yet have clarity of revelation concerning the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, the scriptures charge us to bind (or disallow) and loose (allow) on earth in cooperation with heaven (Matthew 16:18-19; 18:18). We are calling a three-day Esther fast to stand in the gap on behalf of the nation and disallow anyone from being confirmed to the Supreme Court who will not ultimately reverse Roe v. Wade. We declare, “LIFE,” over this empty seat and reserve it for God’s choice.

Oh, Engle. You’re giving women way too much power, but we’ll take whatever we can get.

Also, never have anonymous “sources” carried less weight.

By using the name “Esther,” Engle is referring to the biblical story about how Queen Esther fasted for several days before attempting to talk to her husband, the King, about his plan to have all the Jews of the kingdom slaughtered. Clearly, there was much more at stake then. Maybe Engle should liken that story to confronting the Trump administration about deporting legal immigrants to countries where their deaths are almost guaranteed?

He’s also lacking “clarity” about Kavanaugh because, while all signs point to him being a reliable fifth vote to overturn abortion rights, Engle and other evangelicals said that Judge Amy Coney Barrett was “God’s choice” for that seat. But he still doesn’t want witches getting in the way of Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

It’s not the first time he’s called for people to pray against witches who oppose this administration.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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