Podcast Ep. 229: Broccoli, The Atheists’ New Worst Nightmare August 5, 2018

Podcast Ep. 229: Broccoli, The Atheists’ New Worst Nightmare

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Willow Creek megachurch’s founder Bill Hybels has now been accused of sexually harassing his assistant decades ago, and the lead pastor quit as a result. (2:15)

Jeff Sessions‘ “Religious Freedom Task Force” is just a government program to help conservative Christians discriminate against groups they hate. (18:09)

— Child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church would stop if only seminaries required applicants to abstain from lust or masturbation for a year, says priest. (23:55)

— Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss no longer has his top science job at Arizona State after an investigation found that he groped a woman at a conference. But he’s still on the school’s payroll. (28:58)

— Want to volunteer with Franklin Graham‘s Samaritan’s Purse group to help with California wildfire relief efforts? You need to be anti-gay first. (36:44)

— There can be no compromise between LGBTQ Americans and conservative Christians. (41:59)

— Move over, bananas. Atheists have a new worst nightmare: Broccoli. (50:43)

Pope Francis says the death penalty is never okay. Hallelujah! (55:02)

— A Mormon woman couldn’t get a Temple Recommend because she breastfed her baby in church. (1:04:27)

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