A Black Pastor Called Trump the “Most Pro-Black President.” The Facts Disagree. August 5, 2018

A Black Pastor Called Trump the “Most Pro-Black President.” The Facts Disagree.

Rev. Darrell Scott, a conservative black pastor of a megachurch in Ohio, said earlier this week that Donald Trump “is probably going to be … the most pro-black president that we’ve had in our lifetime.”

Trump, of course, jumped all over the remarks, tweeting an article about it from the official White House account (and then retweeting it himself).

Scott is entitled to his opinion. He’s also entitled to be wrong. And while a handful of black preachers have been vocal in their support for Trump — including Pastor Mark Burns, best known for getting caught lying on his résumé — the broader African-American community isn’t taking their opinions very seriously.

As the Washington Post pointed out, this endorsement isn’t likely to move the needle in any direction.

Despite the desires of those affiliated with the Trump administration who are focused on black voter outreach, there won’t be any significant changes to support for the president from the black community, based on historical voting patterns. How black Protestants vote overlaps significantly with black Americans in general, meaning Trump lost their support in 2016 and has continued to poll poorly with the groups.

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, won nearly 90 percent of the black vote, according to exit polls. And in that year, nearly 7 in 10 black evangelicals identified with the Democratic Party, according to Public Religion Research Institute.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, founder of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, an Atlanta-based network of predominantly black churches, appeared to address his dissatisfaction with Trump’s leadership after the meeting. He tweeted:

Remember that it was black women who helped Democrat Doug Jones defeat alleged pedophile Roy Moore in a special election for U.S. Senate last year in Alabama. 98% of them backed Jones, as did 93% of black men.

It’s not just the African-American community that’s hurt by Republican policies (and insulted by Trump himself). Trump hasn’t been a friend to any minority community.

Trump can tweet out these articles and promote Kanye West all he wants. But none of that changes the facts. The people who see what he’s doing and listen to what he says know that he doesn’t give a damn about black people… or pretty much anyone else.

It’s not surprising that a pastor known for promoting a myth can’t see reality in politics, either.

If you need a palate cleanser, watching this segment from 2016 in which MSNBC’s Joy Reid had to chastise Scott for lying about birtherism.

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