Kevin Swanson: God Set California on Fire for Legitimizing Homosexuality August 4, 2018

Kevin Swanson: God Set California on Fire for Legitimizing Homosexuality

Why is California having to deal with deadly wildfires?

The answer is climate change gay people. At least according to preacher Kevin Swanson, who said on his “Generations” radio program yesterday that God was punishing the state for allowing marriage equality.


“In 2005,” Swanson continued, “California state legislators became the first in the nation to pass a same-sex marriage law … In 2008, the California Supreme Court then struck down Prop 22 in regard to marriage cases, and Prop 8 also was struck down later on that year, I believe. In 2011, California became the first state to mandate homosexual indoctrination for K-8 students and then, in 2012, California became the first state to sign a ban on therapy that was attempting to convert homosexuals into non-homosexuals. And then, in 2017, the California state schools implemented the homosexual indoctrination program … and that was the kickoff for the biggest fires that California has ever seen in its history.”

“So God is burning down California in 2017 and 2018 after about 25 years of leading the pack to legitimize the sin of homosexuality in that state,” Swanson declared.

Somehow, for reasons no one will EVER understand, wildfires haven’t struck Massachusetts yet even though same-sex marriage was legal there before anywhere else in the nation…

And if God is sending a fire to California out of anger, then can someone please explain why a dam is on the verge of bursting in Lynchburg, Virginia, home to Jerry Falwell, Jr.‘s Liberty University?

Either Liberty is secretly home to a ton of gay students… or Swanson is talking out of his ass.

It’s not even his first time saying this. Back in January, when California was dealing with a different fire, Swanson claimed it was because the state had turned “pedophiliacs and homosexuals into heroes.”

Also, when Texas was hit by Hurricane Harvey, Swanson blamed Houston for having “a very, very aggressively pro-homosexual mayor”… even though that mayor had been out of office for a year and a half.

There’s no disaster that Swanson won’t blame on gay people. Because that’s what Jesus would do.

(via Right Wing Watch. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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