Sanitation Worker Harassed Outside Abortion Clinic by “Pro-Life” Atheist’s Group August 2, 2018

Sanitation Worker Harassed Outside Abortion Clinic by “Pro-Life” Atheist’s Group

Want to see a disturbing video? Here’s a group of anti-abortion protesters harassing a sanitation worker who’s picking up material from a local Planned Parenthood.

One protester can be heard saying, “You are taking innocent babies — innocent human beings — and putting them in trash bins.”

Then a woman chimes in: “You don’t have to work here.”

Note the hashtag on there: “#Dontkillhumans”… as if this guy’s taking an axe to a nursery.

The harassment continued in another video (you’ll have to click the arrow on the center right of the photo twice in order to view it):

Setting aside the debate over whether fetuses are “human beings” or “babies” — they’re neither — it’s beyond the pale for these people to go after a guy who, as far as we know, has no stake in the argument. He’s just doing his job, not taking some moral stance.

It’s like taking your frustration about Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay owners out on the employee working the cash register. That person has nothing to do with it.

What’s also troubling is that this particular group, Pro-Life San Francisco, is led by Terrisa Bukovinac, an atheist whose arguments for opposing abortion (surprise!) aren’t very convincing.

She has also supported David Daleiden, the man best known for releasing heavily edited and misleading videos suggesting Planned Parenthood sells fetal tissue and organs. (They don’t do that.) Bukovinac’s group has also praised Father Frank Pavone, who believes abortion is “no less violent than terrorism.” Because women having the right to control their own bodies is like 9/11 times infinity.

The point is: Bukovinac and her group may be atheists, but they’re not skeptics. They easily fall for misinformation and they’re quick to spread bullshit while praising the people who create it.

Maybe you can argue their outrage is justified because they hold this delusion that fetuses are humans, but that still doesn’t explain why they’re bothering a sanitation worker who doesn’t give a damn about any of this — and not just bother him, but videotape him and post the exchange online.

Anyone who resorts to that doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. It means you’ve run out of actual arguments.

(via Instaconfused27)

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