Ex-Hindu “Prophet”: Christians Who Don’t Support Trump Are Under Satan’s Spell August 2, 2018

Ex-Hindu “Prophet”: Christians Who Don’t Support Trump Are Under Satan’s Spell

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, a former Hindu who converted to Christianity, told televangelist Jim Bakker that Christians who don’t support Donald Trump have “the spirit of the Antichrist.”

And then they all prayed for women to give birth against their will.

“They appear like a sheep among the sheepfold, among Christianity, but they are not of God,” Selvaraj said. “It’s the devil who has planted them, so they have the spirit of what the Apostle John calls the spirit of the Antichrist in them. So it is they who stir up the people and stir up the hornet’s nest against a righteous king, a righteous man, so that either he is moved out of office or so discouraged that he cannot stand up for righteousness that he will end up compromising.”

Bakker then led his audience in prayer that God will protect Trump, end abortion, and save America.

So the Christians who care about keeping families together, loving people with whom they disagree, fighting for the civil rights of all minorities, and basic human decency — you know, the ones who are Christ-like — are really being swayed by Satan.

But the ones who would put women in harm’s way are making God happy.

Praise the Lord and buy some Giant Buckets of Apocalyptic Food.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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