Christian “Prophetess”: God Has a Pet Unicorn August 1, 2018

Christian “Prophetess”: God Has a Pet Unicorn

Back in June, self-proclaimed Christian “Prophetess” Kat Kerr told an audience that she had met Jesus and He was six feet tall and “very handsome.” Furthermore, He lived in a mansion and loved dancing and desserts. Obviously.

Somehow her claims just got more bizarre.

Over the weekend, Kerr spoke at the ELEVATION: RISE UP conference in Tennessee where she explained that God has a pet unicorn.

… I just started talking about God and how much He loved — how much He talked about horses in the Bible. By the way, it’s one of His favorite creatures He made. And by the way, He has a unicorn.

Father has a unicorn. Jesus has a horse named Lightning. Holy Spirit has one named Thunder. Lightning has fire coming out of his nostrils. He’s got a rainbow mane on him. But the Father has a unicorn. And they’re mentioned nine times in the Bible. They are! Unless you’ve found a new translation that has removed it.

This is quite the revelation… though it’s something we’ve heard before because it’s true that the King James Version of the Bible really does include that exact word nine times. Creationists, however, argue that unicorn is really just an old way of describing a rhinoceros. They’re not talking about the mythical beast. Though the description of a horse having a rainbow mane isn’t helping…

So much for taking their own book literally.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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