David Barton: Evangelicals Should Ignore Trump’s Character and Focus on Judges July 31, 2018

David Barton: Evangelicals Should Ignore Trump’s Character and Focus on Judges

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton is joining a growing list of evangelicals who accidentally admit the truth.

As part of a new series for televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Believers Voice of Victory network, aimed at getting evangelicals to vote in the midterms, Barton filmed a segment in which he argued that Donald Trump‘s character doesn’t matter as long as he keeps appointing conservative judges.

“God will use flawed people to do the right things, and what you want to look at is policy and not character,” he added, assuring Christians who voted for Trump that they were not endorsing his flawed character by having done so, but were voting for righteousness because of the judges Trump will appoint.

“Isaiah 1:26 says the righteousness of the land is determined by the judges of the land,” Barton said, praising the judicial nominations that Trump has made so far. “He’s appointing judges that will bring righteousness to the land and I’m going to make sure that we keep getting those kinds of judges, which means [we’ve got] to make sure we keep the Senate [filled] with guys that will do that.”

This is what critics of the Christian Right having been saying for years. White evangelicals don’t give a damn about family values or morality or personal character or role models. They just want right-wing justices who will force women to give birth against their will and allow Christians to discriminate against entire groups of people on the basis of faith. The self-described moral crusaders are willing to let morality slide as long as you vote for conservative activist judges.

Barton is giving away the game, but it was an open secret all along.

Let’s make one thing clear though: Barton is giving Christians permission to vote for Trump, by proxy, in this upcoming election.

By doing so, just as in 2016, that means white evangelicals can be blamed for forced separation of kids from their parents, tax cuts for the wealthy, a health care system that disproportionately hurts the poor, environmental disasters that occur as a result of gutted regulations, gun deaths that occur because Republicans refuse to acknowledge reality, and every damn scandal that makes headlines because the GOP is a disgraceful party that refuses to change its ways.

All of that means nothing to these people because unborn fetuses matter more to them than actual lives.

The best thing that could come of all this is a connection in every young person’s mind that evangelical is synonymous with Trump, corruption, bigotry, and hate. Maybe when their churches are emptier will these Christian leaders finally understand just how much damage they’ve done to their own brand.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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