Christian Preacher: Evangelicals Don’t Care About Leaked Audio Tapes of Trump July 31, 2018

Christian Preacher: Evangelicals Don’t Care About Leaked Audio Tapes of Trump

Christian preacher Lance Wallnau has a habit of exaggerating everything he says, from claiming the critics of Donald Trump would face the wrath of God and that Satan controls our mind.

But he got one right last week after Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen released an audiotape suggesting Trump knew and approved of a hush money payment regarding his affair with Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Wallnau said none of that would ever matter to evangelical Christians. And he’s right. White evangelicals, the hypocrites that they are, don’t give a damn what Trump does as long as he keeps appointing justices who will force women to give birth against their will.

“Here’s the hilarious part,” Wallnau said. “It will have no more effect on us than the ‘Access Hollywood’ videos did. You know why? This is a decade old. You know, Trump met his first real evangelicals in 2015 — by the way, I don’t want to reveal stuff I shouldn’t, but he prayed with people, prayed his first prayers, really, in 2016. Now, in our world, you’ve got a guy whose got a decade-old history and then he comes to meet some Christians, he comes to maybe meet the Lord and he wants to do what’s right; we will not tolerate somebody digging up dirt on him from 10 years ago. [When] he’s going to our church and he’s supporting our ministry, I’ll tell you what we do: We close ranks, we pound in the spirit the demons that are harassing him — and that is what is going to start to happen.”

First of all, the “dirt” in question is from two years ago, not ten. But Wallnau is right that white evangelicals will probably just double down in their support of Trump. They didn’t care that he bragged about grabbing women’s pussies, and they won’t care that he had affairs, just like they won’t care that he allegedly paid money to cover it all up. While we’re at it, they also don’t care about his desire to tear children apart from their parents on a whim, or his betrayal of our national values during meetings with dictators, or his constant stream of lies, or his threats against members of the media.

Why? Because they’re too busy worrying about our society’s declining sense of morality.

We won’t have a better country unless the rest of us can outnumber the white evangelicals who don’t care if the world burns and everyone else suffers as long as they get to say “Merry Christmas.”

(via Right Wing Watch)

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