Christian Blogger Says (Again) Women Must Be Debt-Free Virgins to Find a Man July 31, 2018

Christian Blogger Says (Again) Women Must Be Debt-Free Virgins to Find a Man

Part of being a decent person, Christian or otherwise, is being open to correction when you do something wrong. If several hundred people, maybe even thousands, reach out to you to politely explain why your words are hurtful or inaccurate, well, maybe some self-reflection and humility is in order?

Not if you’re Lori Alexander, a.k.a. The Transformed Wife. The one who recently claimed all men prefer debt-free virgins with no tattoos.

Her response method is pretty simple: when your offensive post blows up the Internet, don’t pay any attention to your critics. Instead, double down harder on your original message. That’s exactly what she does in a new post titled “The Entitlement Attitude of Women.”

Alexander doesn’t even try defending her original post. Instead, she mostly compiles a collection of responses from people who have already swallowed the Kool-Aid she’s serving:

“The reason so many people got upset at reading the Lori Alexander piece is because upwards of 90 percent of all American singles fail to meet her simple, tried and true standard for maximizing marital success. Rather than take a little humble pill, they are defiant against God and his simple-to-follow rules. They want to equivocate, obfuscate, and make themselves the exception to the rules. It’s totally understandable. We all have that desire.”

“Yes, God’s grace covers all of our sins once we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior but it doesn’t mean that we won’t bear the consequences of our sins. It also doesn’t give us the freedom to continue in sin. All we deserve is hell and damnation except for Christ’s shed blood for us so get the entitlement attitude that is so prevalent today out of your mind. If but for Christ, we would all be lost in our sin without any hope.”

“If you are a typical 30-something girl who had been playing the field in your twenties, the ONLY way you have any chance to marry a high quality, high status man is to humble yourself in the presence of any man you might like to marry, and answer any and all questions he has for you. At any point, he may decide that is too much baggage and walk away. And you deserve it.”

From a Christian perspective, the whole point of redemption through Jesus is to have your sins erased. But according to Alexander and her followers, certain sins actually can ruin your life. A tattoo alone could ruin your potential for marriage to a godly man forever. Having consensual sex with someone you’re in a committed relationship with will ruin your chances for a healthy marriage forever.

All condemnation. No hope. That’s a great way to sell her brand of Christianity, which seems to only attract perfect people.

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