Watch This Ex-Evangelical Explain Why She Finally Gave Up Her Belief in God July 29, 2018

Watch This Ex-Evangelical Explain Why She Finally Gave Up Her Belief in God

Earlier this month, we heard a woman named Gloria Beth talking about how and why she became an evangelical Christian. (It was part of the excellent YouTube series “Exodus: the Wandering Generation.”)

In the second part of her story, she discusses why she left.

One thing she brings up is that her conversations with non-religious people — in which she thought she was bringing Christ into their lives — actually ended up planting seeds of doubt in her own. (All the more reason to talk about this stuff publicly.)

What she noticed was that they were enjoying life in a way she couldn’t because she was actively suppressing it. (She mentions sex, albeit in a different part of the video.) So she asked a trusted pastor how we knew the Old Testament (and its rules) were supposed to be taken literally. Or, more broadly, she started asking Bible 101 questions. She never got good answers.

But as she makes clear over and over in the video, she tried to believe. She was a devout believer, and even when she had doubts, she did everything she could to maintain the delusion. This wasn’t an overnight change. It was the result of a long introspective process.

Watch the whole video. I suspect many of you will see aspects of your own godless journey in it.

(via ExodusDoc)

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