Preacher Uses Line at California DMV to Yell About Jesus to a Captive Audience July 27, 2018

Preacher Uses Line at California DMV to Yell About Jesus to a Captive Audience

I don’t think what this man is doing is illegal, but it’s definitely rude.

An anonymous preacher is using a California DMV office’s line, which stretches outside of the building, to rant about the Bible and Jesus to those who can’t go anywhere else. One Facebook user, by the name of Craig Fine, posted video of the incident and said his yelling equated to harassment.

“Preaching to people as they are held literally hostage standing in line at the DMV and people can’t leave. Why [does] the state of California allow this[?]”

The man, who also reportedly handed out religious flyers to everyone standing in line, shouted that people don’t go to Heaven for being “good.” They go to Heaven, he said, when they are forgiven. This is a commonly known trait of most Christian traditions, but that doesn’t mean it makes any sense. Believing you get eternal rewards based on your belief itself, and not how you actually treat other people, is a dangerous mindset. Believers might feel that they can do anything they want, as long as they repent.

Again, it’s not like what this man is doing at a Rancho Cucamonga DMV is illegal, but it is certainly in bad taste. This man is pushing his views on people who, in all likelihood, don’t want or need it.

It’s also important to note that there’s an obvious double-standard on these issues. What would happen if someone were preaching about a different religion (or no religion at all)? At what point would the DMV put a stop to it?

Erica Fine, Craig’s wife, explained in a comment that this practical difference when it comes to freedom of speech is the real problem.

“If we were standing out there quoting Christopher Hitchens, people would be offended. THAT is the problem. Free speech only applies to believers. That’s the reality.”

Free speech or not, I wouldn’t be surprised if a destitute person begging for food or money in that same line was asked to leave, at the very least. But, as is often the case in our society, religion seems to get a free pass.

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