This Key West (FL) Mayoral Candidate Spoke to God… During the Debate July 26, 2018

This Key West (FL) Mayoral Candidate Spoke to God… During the Debate

It’s not all that surprising when a political candidate says God wanted him to run for office.

It’s a little unusual, though, when that candidate takes a phone call from God during a debate.

That’s what Sloan Bashinsky did Monday night when it was his turn to give an opening statement for why he wanted to be the mayor of Key West, Florida.

[To crowd] Oh, I’m getting a telephone call.

[In phone] Who is it? What? God? You’re joking! You want to know why they’re talking about cutting the P.A.L. and the Boys and Girls Club, have they lost their minds? You want to know? Yeah I think they have, anyway.

[To crowd] I’m the guy that’s going to see things and talk about things nobody else really wants to talk about. Just real straight up, okay? If you don’t like that, I definitely don’t want me being your mayor.

That’s… hilarious? … Maybe? … To some people?

Sounded more like desperation and pandering to me. (Maybe because Ellen DeGeneres already did that bit decades ago.) Whenever a politician brings God into the mix, it doesn’t end well.

Bashinsky defended his performance art to a local reporter by saying it shouldn’t be surprising how he’s inspired by God to run since there’s no other reason to do it… which is not exactly what you want to hear from your next leader.

Bashinsky has a law degree from Vanderbilt and used to be among the Key West homeless. He also has run before.

“I have said every time I ran, I ran because God told me to run,” he said. “This is known to everybody. I think anyone who wants this job is insane.

Insane. His word. Not mine.

In a rational world, his little stunt would be a cue for everyone to vote for someone else. Instead, it’ll probably help him. Because ‘Merica. Hopefully, though, his losing streak will continue.

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