Bryan Fischer: The AIDS Epidemic Could Be Solved if Gay Men Stopped Having Sex July 26, 2018

Bryan Fischer: The AIDS Epidemic Could Be Solved if Gay Men Stopped Having Sex

Christian Right activist Bryan Fischer heard that experts are concerned that we’re on the verge of another AIDS epidemic… but he’s not concerned.

For one, he’s never been considered an expert in anything. Second, he has a solution.

Before giving that solution, though, he claimed that this was just an attempt to instill fear into people now that the global warming “hoax” is no longer on everyone’s radar.

“You know what this is about?” he said. “It just hit me. What this is about is the collapse of global warming hysteria.

“They” realized that “the global warming scare isn’t working anymore,” Fischer said, citing a Gallup poll in which manmade global warming did not show up among the top things Americans fear. Fischer said that’s thanks in part to conservative talk radio giving people information like Fischer’s claim that global temperatures are actually dropping.

Riiiiight. Because scientists just make up random epidemics in order to get publicity for… their research papers? I don’t get the logic here.

But even if there is a health scare, there’s nothing to worry about, said Fischer, because it’s not hard to prevent an AIDS outbreak. Gay men just can’t have sex ever again.

Now, it’s very, very simple, ladies and gentlemen. You wanna fix the AIDS epidemic, you wanna bring it under control, you want it to go away, there’s only two things that you need to do. Tell people — tell gay men to stop having sex with other gay men. That’s job number one. Tell gay men, ‘Don’t have sex with other gay men.’ You need to get converted to Christ, you need to pursue reparative, conversion therapy, you need to come out of that dark world, because it’s gonna kill ya before you’re done. But what you’ve gotta do is stop having sex with gay men.

(The second thing was “don’t shoot up.”)

Not that Fischer’s bigotry should be taken seriously, but even if gay men wore chastity belts for life, it wouldn’t solve the problem. In 2016, the CDC says women accounted for 19% of new HIV diagnoses, and most of them got it through heterosexual contact.

Fischer has a history of nasty comments about gay people and AIDS. He’s said homosexuality should be illegal and that anyone with HIV should be quarantined.

Isolating something undesirable won’t always prevent it from spreading, though. Sometimes, it’s more effective to expose it and destroy it to prevent it from rising up again. Bryan Fischer of all people should understand that.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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