Ethiopian “Prophet” Allegedly Arrested After Failed Attempt to Resurrect Corpse July 23, 2018

Ethiopian “Prophet” Allegedly Arrested After Failed Attempt to Resurrect Corpse

In yet another hard-to-believe story coming out of the BBC Amharic, a self-described prophet was arrested for digging up a grave and trying to bring a man back to life two days after he was buried.

At least this time we have video of the stunt.

As far as I can tell, the story goes something like this: A man named Belay Biftu died in a motorcycle accident last week. He was buried by his family shortly after. But then a so-called “prophet” named Getayawukal Ayele told the family he could bring Biftu back to life — just like Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead in the Bible — but it would require digging the grave back up.

So that’s what they did.

The family, who apparently seem to be of protestant creed, was somehow cajoled and agreed to the proposal from the “prophet.”

Then the pastor led the family to Full Gospel church cemetery where Belay was buried and ordered the grave be dug, perhaps imitating Jesus’ Christs words “Take away the stone.”

What followed was a bizarre piece of performance art by Ayele, in which he touched the body, yelled at it, and literally crawled on top of it… before finally announcing to the crowd that the man was truly dead.

According to one source, one churchgoer tried to stop this from happening, but he was chased away from the scene. And after Ayele was done desecrating the body, the crowd chased after him, too.

He was eventually arrested by police on charges of abusing a dead body. No word yet on what will happen to him.

You should take all these details with a grain of salt, even though there’s video. The BBC Amharic is the same source that claimed in June that a pastor was attacked by a crocodile during a baptism, only to die from the injuries. While many media outlets shared that story, no credible news organization ever confirmed the details.

The same thing applies here. A lot of sources are linking to the BBC story… but no one has actual legitimate reporting to go with it.

But it totally sounds like a normal thing to do, right?

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