After Woman Gives Birth in Chick-fil-A, Company’s Response Draws Mixed Reactions July 22, 2018

After Woman Gives Birth in Chick-fil-A, Company’s Response Draws Mixed Reactions

A baby born in the restroom of a Chick-fil-A in Texas was given what many might consider the best birthday gift ever: free food for life plus the promise of a job when she turns 14 (and can legally work in the state).

As is customary on the internet, people have mixed reactions to this.

One the one hand, it’s a kind gesture. On the other, it’s an obvious PR move from a company that been maligned by the media (for good reason) in recent years. Still others consider it an indictment against America’s capitalistic system that doesn’t adequately pay fast food workers:

Other Twitter users noted that the father delivered his baby while wearing a “Trump 2020” T-shirt — he even included #MAGA when retelling the story on Facebook — which is ironic given how the baby was guaranteed a job without even having to apply for it. (Aren’t Republicans supposed to be against handouts?)

What do you think? Would Chick-fil-A’s gesture influence your decision to eat (or not eat) there, especially given the controversy regarding its founders’ support of conservative and anti-LGBTQ causes?

As for me, I’m now planning to have my first-born at a Barnes & Noble.

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