In Netflix’s Dark Tourist, a Filmmaker Learns About Doomsday at Ark Encounter July 20, 2018

In Netflix’s Dark Tourist, a Filmmaker Learns About Doomsday at Ark Encounter

In Dark Tourist, a Netflix show that just released its first season today, New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier visits the world’s grimmest destinations and chats with the people who buy into the madness.

In the final episode of the season, Farrier visits some Doomsday preppers — the people who really think the world will end any day now — but before he does that, he goes to the ultimate tourist destination for God-sanctioned genocide: Ark Encounter.

The segment is only a few minutes long, but it features a conversation with Answers in Genesis’ Dr. Georgia Purdom.

This isn’t Sacha Baron Cohen. Farrier is obviously skeptical, and she’s clearly a believer. The pretenses aren’t false even if everything else in the Ark is.

In case you can’t watch the show, though, these screenshots should guide you through the more amusing bits:

Like when Farrier enters the park and notices the very unnecessary sign:

And when Farrier realizes that Creationists believe dinosaurs and humans co-existed, but it worked out because the dinosaurs were vegetarian:

And when Farrier learns why God got so angry that He created the Great Flood:

And when Farrier learns that Doomsday is imminent because those things are happening again — but it’ll be worse this time, because we won’t die by flood:

And when Farrier realizes he’s not going to make it because he’s a sinning heathen.

And when Purdom agrees:

And that’s just the prelude to meeting people who actually buy into the extreme version of this nonsense.

I’m curious how Ark Encounter will respond to this. I don’t think they should be all that upset. They got a pretty fair shake here, even with the necessary edits. Creationists heard their views expressed by one of their most ardent defenders. Even if Farrier was skeptical, there were no cheap shots at Purdom or Answers in Genesis. There didn’t need to be. Their irrationality speaks for itself — as did Farrier’s facial reactions. Plus, the focus was really on the Doomsday preppers he visited next.

Check out the whole series on Netflix.

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