Steph Curry’s Film Company Is Making a Church-Themed Version of Wedding Crashers July 18, 2018

Steph Curry’s Film Company Is Making a Church-Themed Version of Wedding Crashers

Basketball superstar Steph Curry announced earlier this year that his company Unanimous Media was working with Sony Pictures on a multiyear production deal on movies and TV shows centering around “faith, family and sports.”

The latest issue of Variety includes a couple of specific projects… including this rather intriguing idea:

“Church Hoppers,” a “Wedding Crashers”-esque comedy about a jilted groom who takes his pals along with him as he navigates the church scene in search of a new bride.

So… a hook-up movie that probably involves women saving themselves for marriage? I can’t decide if that’s the best idea ever or something so bad that even Pure Flix would pass on it. It’s not a horrible premise, though. A lot of churches serve as dating pools for single people; it’s not outlandish to think someone would visit just to meet women.

And before you assume the movie will end with the main character finding Jesus, Curry says he’s not planning on beating people over the head with God… so at least he has that going for him.

For Curry, success on the court brings a responsibility to be a role model, but he doesn’t always have to operate in an evangelical mode. “It’s not about me hitting people over the head with a Bible and telling them they have to believe a certain thing, or think a certain way,” he explains.

It’s weird that any faith-based film wouldn’t be Bible-thumping (who’s the intended audience if not evangelicals?) but we’ll find out soon enough if that plan works. Church Hoppers is already in development.

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