Rick Wiles: Godless Democrats Will “Exterminate All Opposition” So Give Me Money July 17, 2018

Rick Wiles: Godless Democrats Will “Exterminate All Opposition” So Give Me Money

It was only a couple of weeks ago when Christian broadcaster Rick Wiles claimed Democrats would begin murdering Republicans before 2020 in order to stop them from voting. (Even though Democrats won the popular vote in 2016.)

Now he’s capitalizing on his own conspiracy theory, saying on his TruNews show yesterday explaining why watching him is the best armor against the violent Democratic rebellion:

… Wiles asked his audience to support the TruNews network so that it can continue to share the truth during these dangerous days.

“We’re in for the fight of our lives,” Wiles said. “If these people get power in this country again, you and I are toast, we’re done. Do you understand that? If they regain power, you and I are history. They’re coming after us.”

“They will exterminate all opposition,” he continued. “These people are ruthless. They’re murderers, they’re perverts, they’re pedophiles, they’re the worst scum that’s ever crawled on this planet and they’re dangerous.”

“They will do anything to hold on to power, including exterminating their domestic opponents,” Wiles warned, “because they’re driven with madness, total madness. When you reject God, you’re opening your mind to madness. And these people have rejected God, they rejected God decades ago and madness has taken over.”

He never explains how giving him money will stop the perverted ruthless murders that people like me are planning. Somehow. (The plan is so secret, no Democrat has even heard about it.) I had no idea the party of gun control, vegans, and universal healthcare was so hell-bent on murder.

It’s amazing how we have no power right now and want to regain it… even though we’ll “do anything to hold on to power.” (A critical thinker, he is not.)

And I’m shocked to learn the Democrats are a godless party when only a single member of Congress is openly non-theistic and God makes His way into every speech from every politician. The Democrats aren’t godless. They’re just a little better than the Republicans at acknowledging Christianity isn’t the only religion that matters.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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