AL County Commissioner Who Said She Had the Endorsement of Jesus Loses Election July 17, 2018

AL County Commissioner Who Said She Had the Endorsement of Jesus Loses Election

Sandra Little Brown, who said in a campaign ad that she had the endorsement of Jesus Christ, has lost her runoff election.

God may be dead, but irony sure isn’t. (And to quote one commenter, the last thing we need is “another foreigner interfering in an American election.”)

Brown was hoping to get re-elected to the Jefferson County Commission in Alabama. Last month, in the Democratic primary, both she and her opponent Sheila Tyson received 46% of the vote. In an effort to tip the scales, Brown distributed flyers featuring a fake ballot with her name larger than Tyson’s and a message that said she was “supported by Jesus Christ and his followers.”

Brown didn’t even pretend to deny it. In a video sent to yesterday, she defended the ad:

“We pray before we go out and we do anything. That is a divine piece of material that went out from this campaign [Saturday],” Brown tells supporters and staff in at her campaign office in the video. “I’m not afraid to own Jesus anywhere. This campaign is built up on righteousness from the beginning to the end. …If anybody got any problem with that ballot, then they got to see Jesus.

I guess even Jesus didn’t like being co-opted for a campaign ad.

Tonight, Brown lost the primary election decisively.

Birmingham City Councilor Sheila Tyson won the race for the District 2 seat on the Jefferson County Commission against incumbent Sandra Little Brown with all of the precincts — except the provisional ballots — reporting.

Brown has served on the county commission for two terms.

Tyson has received 6,262 votes while Brown has received 5,649 votes.

Even Jesus’ vote wouldn’t have mattered in this race.

So far, Brown hasn’t issued any official statement online… but I’m holding out hope for a concession speech in which she blames Jesus for the loss.

An atheist can dream, can’t he?

By the way, there are no Republicans running for this seat. So while the elections are in November, Tyson is now the next County Commissioner from District 2.

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