AL Candidate Releases Flyer Saying She Has the Endorsement of Jesus July 17, 2018

AL Candidate Releases Flyer Saying She Has the Endorsement of Jesus

Sandra Little Brown is in a runoff election tonight in a race for Jefferson County Commissioner in Alabama. And according to her own campaign literature, she has a special endorsement… from Jesus.

The pink flyer, which has made the rounds on social media, is a distortion of a sample ballot where Brown’s name is magnified and circled in while [City Councilor Sheila] Tyson’s is shown in lower font. The literature goes on to say that Brown is “supported by Jesus Christ and his followers.”

In a Facebook video sent to on Monday, Brown stood by the flyer, which was paid for by her campaign.

“We pray before we go out and we do anything. That is a divine piece of material that went out from this campaign [Saturday],” Brown tells supporters and staff in at her campaign office in the video. “I’m not afraid to own Jesus anywhere. This campaign is built up on righteousness from the beginning to the end. …If anybody got any problem with that ballot, then they got to see Jesus.

Now I hope she loses just so we can watch her concession speech blaming Jesus for the loss. (That’s how this works, right?)

Her opponent’s campaign manager made it clear that this was a cheap attempt at winning over voters and everyone should pay much more attention to policy. After all, Brown has been anything but Jesus-like during her time in office.

“Sandra Little Brown is trying to do anything she can to absolve herself of all the wrongdoing she has done over the last 8 years to the suffering and the poor of Jefferson County,” he told “Using Jesus’ name I guess would make her seem a little more religious, but Jesus wouldn’t make the poor people suffer like Sandra has.”


Both candidates received 46% of the Democratic primary votes last month, so this could really go either way. Jesus won’t tip the scales, but voters ignorant enough to get duped by Christian propaganda might.

(via The Freethinker)

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