Larry Pratt: Muslims Should Pray “In Secret” to Avoid Getting Shot by Kids July 16, 2018

Larry Pratt: Muslims Should Pray “In Secret” to Avoid Getting Shot by Kids

If you didn’t get a chance to watch Who Is America? last night, at least watch the clip below.

Sacha Baron Cohen plays a variety of characters and, as various media outlets have reported, he got a lot of people to say a lot of really insane things on camera. Including, in the first episode, Republicans who think it’s a good idea to put guns in the hands of four-year-olds.

I could quote several things from that clip alone, but one of the many disturbing conversations involves Cohen’s character chatting with Larry Pratt, the former director of the Gun Owners of America.

After raising the idea that children as young as four should be armed because they haven’t yet developed a fear of firearms, Pratt agrees and says, “If they hear somebody shouting, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ they’re likely to instinctively go for that gun.”

Cohen’s character, feeding off of that, jokes about how there was a tragedy in his home country when a Muslim man got shot while praying for that very reason.

Pratt’s response? A hearty laugh and a suggestion that the man should’ve prayed “in secret.”

Can you imagine him ever saying that to a Christian? Of course not.

Can you guess how he’d react if anyone said that about Christians? Hell. Yes.

In his mind, “religious freedom” only applies to people like himself. (So does basic human decency, which might explain his laughter after a line about how “it’s not rape if it’s your wife.” Even Cohen seemed taken aback by that reaction.)

The clip is obviously edited and Pratt was admittedly duped into thinking Cohen’s character was a legitimate person. But Cohen didn’t put words in Pratt’s mouth during those exchanges, and he didn’t force the other Republicans in that clip to read his proposal. They went along with his deranged idea because they’ll say anything if they think it triggers liberals and appeases their base.

Cohen made them comfortable enough to run their mouths just long enough to jam their feet inside of it.

Sarah Palin, Joe Arpaio, and Roy Moore have also indicated they were filmed for this project without knowing what they were getting into. They weren’t in the first episode at all, and it’s not clear yet what Cohen got them to say.

But when you’re speaking to Republicans this ignorant, the possibilities are endless.

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