Baptist Pastor: Men Who Let Their Wives Work Are “Destroying” Children’s Minds July 15, 2018

Baptist Pastor: Men Who Let Their Wives Work Are “Destroying” Children’s Minds

In another bizarre sermon clip from Brother Adam Fannin of Stedfast Jacksonville Church, he claims that women who work outside the home are destroying families! Almost as much as the men who allow them to do it.

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the fate, and is worse than an infidel.”

He’s worse than an infidel, right? Worse than a heretic. Worse than a devilish person. A man that refuses to work — like this lazy Nintendo-playing generation — right? They refuse to get a skill, they refuse to work, they refuse to feed their family or care for their family. Instead, they send mama to work. They send mama to some nursing school so she can end up leaving them. And, hey, you get what you read, right?

And today, families are being destroyed because of lazy men. Right? If you know a 30-year-old man that just loves playing games, whether it’s on his phone, it’s Nintendo, it’s PlayStation, he’s a bum, he’s a deadbeat. I mean, he’s worthless!

God hates that attitude. God hates lazy men. He’s warning about it here — and listen, in this church, if I find out that the man isn’t working, — he sends mom to work — I’m going to rebuke you!

I’m going to tell you that’s wicked as hell! Men, you need to be supporting your wife so they can lead the children as they ought to.

And, you know, our world is the opposite of God’s way. Our world would say, “Well, mom can make more in the corporate world. My dad will just stay home!”

No! That’s ungodly. It’s unprofitable. You’re destroying the minds of children. You’re teaching your child that it’s okay to not be a leader. It’s okay to let women lead in every place of life, and that dad can just sit back and be a bum. It’s destroying your country.

Where do you even start with this?

There’s a lot that’s messed up about this way of thinking. Like the assumption that men who aren’t working just want to play video games instead or that they want to freeload off their wives. And the idea that playing video games (at all) means there’s something wrong with you. And the guilt trip placed on women who work, as if they’re screwing over their families.

When both parents work — something that’s increasingly becoming a necessity to make ends meet — they’re not hurting their children. They’re showing them the importance of putting their skills to use, hopefully in a productive, satisfying way.

Those parents aren’t destroying the country. I’m far more worried about children who grow up in homes where women are told there’s no point in getting an education since her worth is tied entirely to raising many children and where a man’s value has everything to do with his ability to be a breadwinner for life.

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