Pat Robertson: Justice David Souter Was Awful, Maybe Because He Was Secretly Gay July 10, 2018

Pat Robertson: Justice David Souter Was Awful, Maybe Because He Was Secretly Gay

In 1990, President George H.W. Bush nominated Judge David Souter to the Supreme Court. His chief of staff John Sununu championed the pick, even saying that Souter would be “a home run for conservatives.”

But to the frustration of conservatives that lives on to this day, Souter turned out to be one of the more liberal justices, even supporting abortion rights in 1992.

One of the reasons Donald Trump has essentially outsourced his judicial vetting to the Federalist Society — the reason the group has become so prominent in conservative circles — is to avoid that from ever happening again.

Yesterday, on The 700 Club, Pat Robertson was recalling that history when he went on a rant against Souter that descended into… well, just watch.

[Souter] became an absolute disaster. He was to the left of everyone. He was always on the side of the left. And — I don’t know what his — he was a confirmed bachelor and I won’t go beyond that, but there was some latent problems with him. But he was, he was really a horrible judge…

So… Souter shouldn’t have been a judge because he was secretly gay, which he isn’t?

Robertson also couldn’t remember if Souter was retired or dead (he’s alive). But that mental block didn’t stop Robertson from proudly endorsing Brett Kavanaugh as the next justice — someone who wouldn’t be another Souter — and his pick turned out to be the guy Donald Trump went with.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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