Kirk Cameron’s New Website Will Help Your Family Be More Like His July 10, 2018

Kirk Cameron’s New Website Will Help Your Family Be More Like His

Christian actor Kirk Cameron has launched a new website to help guide families back to “biblical values,” according to the Christian Post.

As if families that don’t center around the Bible hate America…

In case you’re wondering, there are no instructions to stop separating immigrant families at the border. But there’s plenty about stopping your rebellious teenagers.

“The Growing Pains” star has created TheCourage, a website that he says will provide encouragement and enlightenment for families amid today’s culture war.

“TheCourage is a digital destination meant to inspire, give hope, and call people to something better, especially in the areas of faith, family, and culture,” the website’s description reads.

“We believe it’s time for Christians to have the courage to be countercultural, while maintaining a posture of humility,” Cameron shared on a blog post introducing the website.

That sounds… super vague. Do they also want us to live our best life?

“Our goal at TheCourage is to be a digital destination filled with inspiring, encouraging, fun, and challenging content in the areas of faith, family, and culture, he continued. “We want this to be a place where you can engage in thoughtful dialogue and community.”

Challenging? Dialogue? That’s asking a lot for someone famously impressed by a banana. Maybe it means he wants to engage in thoughtful dialogue about why families headed by two moms or two dads are just as valid as other families, right?

Of course not. That would be… challenging. So would addressing domestic violence, child abuse, or what families can do to keep their kids safe if their classmates’ parents keep guns in the house.

Think of this more as a MasterClass in conservative Christianity presented by someone who believes women should always “follow their husband’s lead” and that children don’t deserve good explanations for their questions since they should just learn to obey.

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