Indiana Satanists Adopted a Highway for Their “Inverted Crossroads” Campaign July 9, 2018

Indiana Satanists Adopted a Highway for Their “Inverted Crossroads” Campaign

The Satanic Temple’s chapter in Indiana is now a part of the state’s Adopt-a-Highway program, completing their first event over the weekend. (The official sign should be coming soon.)

The stretch of road on US 421 is now much cleaner thanks to Satanists who want to make their community a better place for everyone in it.

Because Indiana is known as the “Crossroads of America,” this program is naturally called the “Inverted Crossroads campaign.”

As an idea the chapter has had since its inception, the group is glad to make a step forward and provide a service for the State.

“The Inverted Crossroads Campaign is an idea we’ve had since before we became an official chapter,” stated Mara Gorgo, co-chapterhead of TST Indiana. “It’s great to see this goal becoming a reality and enabling our members to serve the state.”

TST Indiana’s adopted stretch of US 421 begins at US 32 and runs south for two miles.

“The cleaning initiative is a great way to get our chapter members involved while giving back to the state,” said co-chapterhead Damien Blackmoor. “We’re all very excited for this campaign.”

The Arizona chapter did something similar earlier this year, and as we said then, it’s actually a perfect example of the group following its own Fundamental Tenets.

Those who follow the Ten Commandments should take note.

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