GOP Congressional Candidate: There Is “Only Barbarism” Outside Western Culture July 8, 2018

GOP Congressional Candidate: There Is “Only Barbarism” Outside Western Culture

In a speech given to the Leavenworth County Republican Party in Kansas earlier this week, State Sen. Steve Fitzgerald, who’s running in the Aug. 7 primary in a bid for Congress, gave a massive gift to all of his opponents.

During his more-than-30-minute speech, Fitzgerald lamented the fact that people believe “Western civilization is the problem,” argued that Christendom is “under attack” and doubled down on his previous statement that Planned Parenthood is worse than a Nazi concentration camp.

“Outside of Western civilization there is only barbarism,” he said, clearly unaware of where numbers and writing originated and ignorant of the existence of peaceful people who don’t live under our ways of life. (By the way, our own culture has plenty of atrocities to its name.)

The Christian Persecution claim has been so widely debunked, it’s almost silly to have to say it all again, but you’d think a religious man from Kansas would understand how much harder it would be to claim a belief in anything but Christianity. People aren’t criticizing him because he’s a Christian; they’re criticizing him because he says idiotic things and supports policies that have hurt his state. Kansas doesn’t need someone like him embarrassing them on a national scale.

He made a similar claim in May while supporting a bill that allowed faith-based adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples — in part because he didn’t think they deserved to be married in the first place.

A fundamental of civilization is the family, he said.

What’s the family based on? Marriage. What’s marriage? A man and a woman. No it’s not a theory. No it’s not an opinion. No it’s not a doctrine. It’s an ontological truth,” Fitzgerald said.

He added: “So this is a way station on the way in our decline, the decline of our civilization.”

The comment about Planned Parenthood is even more shocking, in part because he said it a while back, got told to stop saying it by his own allies, then said it again.

It stems from when someone donated to Planned Parenthood in his name. Fitzgerald wrote a letter to the group condemning the gift, adding that it was “as bad — or worse — as having one’s name associated with Dachau.” Dachau was a concentration camp in which thousands of Jews were slaughtered during World War II. After that story went public earlier this year, there was (surprise!) a lot of backlash, and that’s what he spoke about this week.

“It was a firestorm. I got calls from everywhere, ‘How dare you? How could you? How could you compare it to Dachau?'” he recalled. “I said, you are right, ‘Dachau really wasn’t one of the bigger killing camps and these guys numbers are way beyond anything that they did.'”

So a Nazi camp in which Jews were murdered is somehow not as bad as an organization that provides cancer screenings and birth control. As if women controlling their bodies is a crime worse than everything the Nazis did.

This is a race in which the Democrats have a single, well-funded candidate in former State Rep. (and minority leader at the time) Paul Davis. While the seat is current rated by non-partisan groups as one that leans Republican, if Fitzgerald wins his primary, that could quickly change as his remarks come back to haunt him — and other Republicans running in neighboring districts.

What a despicable man. The fact that he may be the Republican frontrunner in this primary tells you everything you need to know about the current state of the GOP. People like him have no business in government. Hopefully the Kansans in the 2nd Congressional District realize that by November.

You can donate to Paul Davis’ campaign right here.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Patricia and Scott for the link)

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