Podcast Ep. 225: The Faith of the Next SCOTUS Pick July 7, 2018

Podcast Ep. 225: The Faith of the Next SCOTUS Pick

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Is Ark Encounter lying about attendance again? (0:39)

— A Republican congressional candidate thinks women are best described as “helpers.” (15:52)

— What does Scott Pruitt‘s resignation letter say about God? (26:22)

— The man who destroyed the Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas doesn’t regret it. (30:40)

— In Virginia, a new city council was sworn in… and they got rid of prayer. (36:21)

— A priest conducting a funeral went crazy after someone bumped into a chalice. (39:30)

Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a potential Supreme Court pick, has a church/state separation problem. (43:58)

— Southern Baptist donors are furious that a seminary fired Paige Patterson, a man who downplayed or ignored sexual abuse. (58:22)

— This church protested Donald Trump‘s immigration policy by locking the Holy Family up in a cage. (1:02:37)

— There’s a cultural vacuum in Trump’s White House. (1:04:37)

— The issue of government-led prayer is in chaos because of the Supreme Court. (1:10:26)

— Don’t get suckered in by Christians saying “I’m sorry” at a Pride parade. (1:21:30)

— The new season of the StartUp podcast is looking at a church plant. (1:31:08)

— We’ve got listener mail! (1:33:10)

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