Christian Hate Preacher Will Be Deported from Australia After Harassing Muslims July 7, 2018

Christian Hate Preacher Will Be Deported from Australia After Harassing Muslims

A Christian pastor was arrested in Australia last night on charges of public nuisance — for harassing Muslims — and the government will soon deport him back to New Zealand.

Pastor Logan Robertson is an independent Baptist preacher from Auckland, New Zealand. He began the Westcity Bible Baptist Church in 2014 but moved to Australia last year to start up the Pillar Baptist Church.

He has a history of saying simply awful things. Like when he told a gay Christian, “I pray that you will commit suicide.” And when he told a reporter working on that story to do the same.

Robertson has also said he’s fine with two gay people getting married “as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss.”

It’s almost quaint, then, that he also said women shouldn’t vote and that female politicians needed to stay in a kitchen. He also recently posted a sermon clip titled “May PISS Be Upon Muhammad.” (I don’t remember Jesus saying that one.)

Yet he’s always been able to travel out of New Zealand to spread his brand of faith-based hate. That is, until this week, when Robertson and his buddies were arrested for harassing a group of peaceful Muslims at their mosque.

On Wednesday a group of up to six men including Mr Robertson were accused of entering the Kuraby mosque and harassing worshippers, including teenage boys, in the lead-up to 1:00pm prayers.

A teenage boy was allegedly verbally abused and called a terrorist.

The following day, there were heated scenes outside the Darra mosque, when activists from the Pillar Baptist Church confronted Islamic leaders.

When the activists were denied access into the mosque, a heated argument broke out between Mr Robertson and Ali Kadri from the Islamic Council of Queensland.

Mr Kadri asked: “I’m trying to talk to you in a nice manner, why are you responding in such an aggressive manner?”

Mr Robertson replied: “Because I hate the religion of Islam. I don’t hate Muslims, I hate the religion.”

No kidding.

Robertson’s visa was revoked last night by the Australian Border Force. While he was arrested on charges of public nuisance, other charges may follow. In any case, Australia wants nothing to do with this guy anymore.

Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration Peter Dutton said he was “disturbed” by the allegations.

“I want to make it very clear to people who come to our country, that our country obviously embraces free speech but we don’t tolerate hate speech and we don’t tolerate people who are going to harass those people going about their business at a place of worship.”

Good riddance. He won’t be missed. And Dutton is right to point out the difference between free speech and hate speech. Robertson didn’t just cross the line by interrupting other peaceful believers at their place of worship, he leapt over it with plans to keep running.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to John for the link)

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