Nigerian Healer Allegedly Shot and Killed While Wearing “Bulletproof” Charm July 6, 2018

Nigerian Healer Allegedly Shot and Killed While Wearing “Bulletproof” Charm

In yet another one of those only-in-Africa stories that you shouldn’t believe without better confirmation, a local “healer” was shot and killed while trying to test out a “bullet-repellent” necklace.

As the story goes, a Nigerian man named Chukwudi Ijezie went to 26-year-old healer Chinaka Adoezuwe to procure bulletproof charms. Adoezuwe got some ready, then offered to be a personal guinea pig by telling Ijezie to shoot him.

Even though Ijezie declined at first, he eventually pulled the trigger… and, wouldn’t you know it, Adoezuwe is dead now.

Confirming the development, the Police Public Relations Officer, Andrew Enwerem, said that the suspect had been arrested by the operatives of the command.

Enwerem said,”The suspect is in our custody. It is a case of murder. The Isiala Mbano division of the Command has moved in, arrested the suspect and returned normalcy to the area.”

“The case will be transferred to the State Criminal and Investigation Department in Owerri for thorough investigation,” Enwerem added.

That quotation comes from The Punch, a Nigerian newspaper with questionable credibility. (A BBC report relaying the story also cites The Punch without adding any additional reporting.)

So ask yourself: Is it possible anyone could be so stupid as to think a necklace “charm” could stop a bullet aimed directly at him?

Is it possible anyone could be so stupid as to actually fire the shot?

It is possible The Punch published a story virtually identical to this one earlier in the year — involving a potion instead of a necklace — and no one learned a lesson?

It’s weird. That’s all I’m saying.

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