Arkansas State Senator Blames Secular Humanists for “Moral Decline” of America July 6, 2018

Arkansas State Senator Blames Secular Humanists for “Moral Decline” of America

It’s never good when a politician cites Charisma as if there’s anything sensible in the Christian news outlets.

Yet that’s what Ten Commandments enthusiast and Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert did yesterday in a couple of tweets marking the decline of America. What’s wrong with the country?

According to him: The ability to get divorced (even if you’re in an abusive relationship), having sex or caring for children outside of marriage, gay people choosing to get married, the ability to end life on your own terms instead of suffering from an incurable disease, access to adult content online, and polygamy (which is illegal).

He said it a bit differently:

Yes, why are we allowing these things? In his ideal world, I guess, people would be forced to stay in marriages no matter how bad they got and never discover if they have sexual compatibility before plunging into a marriage. (And if you’re in a same-sex relationship, you get no sex, no marriage, no children, nothing. Ever.)

It’s also ironic to hear a tirade against divorce and sex outside of marriage from a man who supports Donald Trump… or a tirade about “moral decline” from a man who told people to vote for alleged pedophile Roy Moore. I suppose being a Republican makes you immune to Rapert’s rules.

And then Rapert kept talking, blaming secular humanists for the “dumbing down of America.”

Somehow, we made everyone stupid by teaching science and history instead of whatever’s in the Book of Genesis. (And just to reiterate the obvious, the Bible is still allowed in school. We just know better than teaching it as fact.)

This is the same guy who blamed “godless secular humanists” for Target’s trans-inclusive bathroom policies. Basically, whenever people are kind and decent, he points to atheists for making it happen… which I have to say is actually pretty damn nice of him. Glad he’s giving credit where it’s due.

I’m all for complaining about the dumbing down of America, but there’s gotta be a better messenger than a guy whose inability to read the First Amendment has already led to two separate lawsuits against his state.

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