Two Employees at Mother Teresa’s Charity Arrested for Allegedly Selling Baby July 5, 2018

Two Employees at Mother Teresa’s Charity Arrested for Allegedly Selling Baby

Tell me again why Mother Teresa has such a great reputation? Two women working for her Missionaries of Charity group just got arrested for allegedly selling a baby that was barely two months old. And it may not even be an isolated incident.

The group is known for providing shelter to unmarried pregnant women… but as critics have long said, there’s a dark side to the organization.

“We are currently investigating the sale of a newborn baby to a couple in Uttar Pradesh for 120,000 rupees,” [Child Welfare Committee] chairman Rupa Kumari told the BBC.

“But the couple was told that the money was for hospital expenses.”

The baby, a boy, was born to a young woman who arrived at the charity on 19 March, and was sold to the couple on 14 May, Ms Kumari said.

Ms Kumari added that the committee should have been informed when the pregnant woman was taken to hospital. She said the committee had discovered that other babies were sold to people in different cities for 50,000-70,000 rupees.

More than a dozen of the women under the care of Missionaries of Charity have now been transferred to a different location so their babies aren’t snatched up by Mother Teresa’s workers and sold for cash.

One theory — which doesn’t excuse what just happened — is that adoptions are harder to come by in India now due to tougher laws, so buying babies off the black market is a quicker option. That’s troubling enough without a religious charity assisting in the matter. Why would they participate in baby trafficking rather than giving the children up for adoption?

The Missionaries of Charity stopped organising adoptions in India in 2015, saying they disagreed with government rules that made it easier for single, divorced, and separated people to adopt children.

Wouldn’t want responsible vetted single people caring for those babies now, would we? Better to sell them off to married strangers and make a quick buck off of it!

Something like this doesn’t happen because of one or two bad eggs. A lot of people have to know what’s going on, and none of them appear to have reported it to authorities.

In this case, a couple went to police only after they said the charity took back the baby they bought without returning the money.

Police say three other cases involving the same charity are being investigated.

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