Trophy Hunter Prayed to God Before Killing “Rare” Black Giraffe July 5, 2018

Trophy Hunter Prayed to God Before Killing “Rare” Black Giraffe

Not only was trophy hunter Tess Thompson Talley proud of herself for killing a supposedly rare kind of giraffe, she actually thanked God for it.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Talley included a picture of herself and the dead animal with the following caption:

Prayers for my once in a lifetime dream hunt came true today! Spotted this rare black giraffe bull and stalked him for quite awhile.

Just like Jesus, that one.

The picture was posted a year ago, but it went viral after being shared on Twitter by a relatively obscure account called Africa Digest, which called her a “White american savage.”

Talley has since told news outlets that the animal wasn’t really rare and that she was doing everyone a favor:

In a statement, Talley said the giraffe she killed last year was more than 18 years old and “beyond breeding age, yet had killed 3 younger bulls… Now that the giraffe is gone, the younger bulls are able to breed.”

Despite her claim, there reason to believe big game hunting doesn’t help with conservation efforts.

That Talley had the nerve to thank God for the senseless killing also shows a lack of respect for what she would say is His creation, not to mention a blatant misunderstanding of what it means to be a “good steward” over that world.

You don’t need any divine commandments to know that it’s wrong to hunt endangered species. There’s an argument to be made that hunting anything is unnecessary, especially if your only goal is to boast about it on social media, not use the meat and skin to feed and clothe your family. As climate change and human greed wreak havoc on the environment, animal populations are increasingly threatened. They suffer. They feel pain. They deserve better than this.

Talley’s kills aren’t notches in her egotistical belt. They’re badges of cowardice and greed.

(via Progressive Secular Humanist)

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