Rick Wiles: Democrats Will “Kill Republican Voters” in 2020 to Win the Election July 5, 2018

Rick Wiles: Democrats Will “Kill Republican Voters” in 2020 to Win the Election

Christian broadcaster Rick Wiles is now spreading a conspiracy theory that Democrats will begin murdering Republicans before 2020 in order to stop them from voting. (Even though Democrats won the popular vote in 2016.)

He said all this on his misnamed TruNews show this week:

“The Democrats are now stalking members of the Trump administration,” Wiles said. “My friends, I’m telling you there is a day coming, perhaps this year, they’re going to shoot members of the Cabinet, they’re going to shoot members of the House and Senate.”

“The Democrats have lost their minds, they’ve gone insane,” he added. “We have to put bodyguards around our elected officials to protect them from Democrats? At what point do you charge the Democratic Party with being a terrorist organization?

“Mark my words,” Wiles declared. “They’re going to kill Republicans and by 2020, on election day, they’re going to kill Republican voters, they’re going to block Republicans from voting.”

How does he know all this? He doesn’t. He’s making it up. His thinking seems to be that if Democrats love abortion so much, and that’s murder in his mind, then surely liberals would have no moral qualms about killing adult Republicans.

It’s not just me saying that. He admitted it: “They’re fanatical baby killers. Anybody that would kill a baby would kill you.”

Somehow, I have not received a hit list from local Democratic leaders…

My fear is not that Democrats will go on a killing spree. My concern is that right-wing fear-mongers like Wiles will rile up conservatives so much that some of them will start shooting liberals as a precautionary measure. After all, if you take Rick Wiles seriously, you’re already showing an inability to think critically.

The other irony here is that Wiles thinks Democrats want to stop Republicans from voting, even though Republicans have done everything they can — like state-wide gerrymandering and gutting the Voting Rights Act — to prevent people likely to support Democrats from voting altogether.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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