Atheist Group Will Rebut Hobby Lobby’s Misleading Fourth of July Ad July 3, 2018

Atheist Group Will Rebut Hobby Lobby’s Misleading Fourth of July Ad

In response to Hobby Lobby’s annual Independence Day advertisement that proclaims our nation’s supposed Christian history using lies and distortions, the Freedom From Religion Foundation will be buying full-page ads in a couple of newspapers to offer a more accurate reflection of what our Founding Fathers believed.

The ads will be paid for almost entirely by members in Peoria, Illinois and Eugene, Oregon who offered to underwrite the rebuttal. Both ads will run in local newspapers this week.

“We thank these individuals and our chapter for their initiative and generosity. With member support, we hope to run a larger campaign in 2019 to counter the Hobby Lobby July Fourth ads, whose insidious purpose is to portray the United States as a theocracy,” says FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor.

Keep in mind that FFRF created an excellent website years ago debunking or offering more context for all of the quotations appearing in Hobby Lobby’s ad. Despite the obvious distortions in many cases, Hobby Lobby hasn’t apologized or corrected any of the glaring mistakes. This is an attempt to set the record straight.

And even if the actual ads only appear in a couple of cities, the website and rebuttals are online for all to see.

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