Evangelist Says Christians Should Run For School Boards to End LGBTQ Advocacy July 2, 2018

Evangelist Says Christians Should Run For School Boards to End LGBTQ Advocacy

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham said on Saturday that conservative Christians should run for local school boards to put an end to “LGBT advocacy” videos and other policies designed to curb bullying.

Graham, who said a month ago that sanctuary cities sheltering undocumented immigrants from Donald Trump‘s draconian policies are a “little picture of Hell,” was responding to a piece by noted conservative alarmist Todd Starnes, who claimed that students at a Pennsylvania high school were “forced to watch” videos from the student-led Gay-Straight Alliance.

Parents in the East Penn School District were “up in arms” and “rightly so,” Graham said on Facebook.

The videos about homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and “gender fluidity” were selected by the student-led Gay-Straight Alliance and parents weren’t even notified! The school district said it was all part of Unity Week, but parents are concerned that it is part of an agenda to indoctrinate young people and normalize lifestyles that go against what God teaches in His Word.

Graham added that “parental rights” were “ignored here.”

We need Christian men and women running for school boards. If the majority of the school board were Christians, this wouldn’t be an issue.

This isn’t a new fantasy for the Religious Right, but keep in mind the purpose. Graham wants Christians like him on school boards to block schools from promoting the sort of inclusive values that are abhorrent to bigots like himself. He convenient forgets or ignores that there are many Christians who are LGBTQ allies who would say otherwise.

Some of them are already speaking out against his desire, like Alvin McEwen whose blog is called Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.

Graham is so typical of the self-righteous homophobia which permeates conservative right-wing evangelical circles. He sees the words “LGBT” and automatically thinks of sex or “recruitment”

He added that, considering how Graham praised Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2015 for his anti-gay policies, it’s not surprising to see him defending Christians’ ability to bully others.

We shouldn’t be surprised, though. When more than 80% of white evangelicals support Trump, they only like to talk about the importance of civility, not act upon it.

(via Raw Story)

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