A Creationist Tried Showing Me Limbs Can Regenerate With Prayer (He Failed) June 30, 2018

A Creationist Tried Showing Me Limbs Can Regenerate With Prayer (He Failed)

For the past week, Creationist Ray Comfort has been posting responses to videos I’ve made on the Atheist Voice channel. I don’t mind that at all; response videos are great. But one of them is just comical in how he tries and fails to disprove a point I made.

The video he’s reacting to is one in which I ask Christians 78 tough questions. One of them is, “If you had an amputated limb, would prayer ever bring it back?” (Because we should all admit prayer isn’t that powerful. And even when someone claims to have seen it happen, there never seems to be a video camera around…)

What does Comfort do with that?

Near the middle of that video, he offers a visual “checkmate.” He refers to a woman who lost her pinky finger and — oh my god — it regenerated! He shows a clip with CNN anchors discussing it! They even say “it grew back”!

Am I ready to admit defeat?!

No. Because, unlike Comfort, I can do minimal research.

If you go to the CNN article about this case, here’s what you learn: About eight years ago, a woman really did lose part of her pinky. She spoke to a specialist who could help her… but the doctor didn’t grow the finger back. He just knew how to make it appear as though nothing ever happened:

The therapy involved cleaning out the finger and removing scar tissue — a process called debridement — and then dipping her finger into MatriStem wound powder. After seven weeks of treatment, her fingertip grew back (as shown in the before and after photos above).

“Even now it’s not perfect. It’s shorter than the other pinky, but just by looking at it you can’t tell it was an amputated finger,” she says. “I’m able to do everything I could do before. I wash dishes. I cook,” she says, adding that she’s had physical therapy to decrease tingling in her finger caused by severed nerves.

Got that? She didn’t regenerate her finger. They just did a bit of nifty cosmetic surgery to make it look normal — even though she admits it’s shorter than before. It’s also clear her nerves didn’t grow back.

That’s not a regenerated finger. Yet Comfort claims it’s proof that limbs can regrow. His story literally shows nothing of the sort.

If anything, it reminds us that scientific advances are truly phenomenal. We don’t need God, just better technology. Oh. And Creationists have no idea how to do even basic research before claiming to have all the facts.

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