Christian Preachers: God Will Wipe Out Humanity Due to LGBTQ Rights and Abortion June 29, 2018

Christian Preachers: God Will Wipe Out Humanity Due to LGBTQ Rights and Abortion

Televangelist Jim Bakker and End Times preacher Carl Gallups said yesterday that the world is so bad, God’s going to wipe out humanity.

Part of me thinks, “Yeah, we totally deserve that.” But we have very different reasons for our despair.

“Could we be in worse days than we know?” Bakker asked on his television program yesterday. “In the nostrils of God, could it be worse than what we think? I think this may be the secret. This may be what God wanted me to see. God was vexed, upset, that he would kill everybody on earth. They were so wicked that he had to do it.

“If you deny Jesus Christ, if you deny the word of God, if you deny the truth of God’s word, well, what’s this whole world doing right now?” Gallups asked. “It’s denying Israel, it’s denying the existence of Israel, it’s denying the truth of Israel, denying the word of God, denying that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, denying that the womb is sacred, denying that marriage is sacred. All of the things that God created and said, ‘It is very good,’ the spirit of the whole world is saying, ‘This is very bad.’”

“What happened in the days of Noah? The whole world had gone down the spirit of Antichrist,” he added. “Satan was corrupting human flesh, he was corrupting animal flesh, he was corrupting minds, he was corrupting marriage, home, family, he was corrupting life itself and God pushed the reset button. We’re right back there again.

So the Christian God’s going to commit mass genocide because women and gay people have rights. That’s the takeaway, right?

Separating kids from parents? Doing nothing about gun violence? Ignoring climate change? God’s apparently fine with all that.

But gay people being happy? God’s coming after us. #ChristianLogic

(via Right Wing Watch)

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