Christian Hate Group: Buy Our Jesus Soap! June 27, 2018

Christian Hate Group: Buy Our Jesus Soap!

The American Family Association must be desperate for revenue — I guess a budget of nearly $30 million isn’t enough — because they’re now selling their own line of cleaning detergent.

They must really want to wash away the gay.

Here’s the press release from AFA President Tim Wildmon, posted on Joe. My. God.:

What if I told you that you could clean your family’s laundry and help reach the next generation at the same time? That opportunity is here — through a company called Redeem Clean. The company was founded by Lynn Ingram and Jim Duncan specifically to help American Family Association. I first met Lynn and his wife on our Spiritual Heritage Tour of Washington, D.C., last September. Lynn pulled me aside during the tour and told me how he listened faithfully to our American Family Radio station in Abilene, Texas, and that he and his wife were long-time financial supporters of AFA.

He told me how much he believed in what we are doing and shared our passion to see Christianity impact America. Then Lynn told me he believed God had put an idea in his heart that could help AFA/AFR financially for years to come. Needless to say — I was all ears! They had started a company named Redeem Clean and created a laundry detergent; if AFA wanted to offer it to supporters, the majority of profits above and beyond the costs of making the detergent would go to further the mission of AFA.

We have decided to take advantage of their generous offer! More specifically, we agreed that the proceeds from this product will go directly to influence the next generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ through Engage — a division of AFA created to reach Millennials (roughly ages 20-35). Alarmingly, trends reveal that this age group is slowly wandering from the basic truths of God’s word. It is time that we go on the offensive!

Because if you really want to reach young people, it’s through the power of laundry.

I’m surprised they’re not marketing this as a way for Christian parents to wash out their kids’ filthy mouths.

The products are $30, but no amount of money is worth the mess you’ll create by donating to the AFA.

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