Baptist Pastor: Godly Men Must Save America from “Bossy Women and Queers” June 24, 2018

Baptist Pastor: Godly Men Must Save America from “Bossy Women and Queers”

Brother Adam Fannin of Stedfast Jacksonville Church in Florida wants all men to rise up and save America because it’s being taken over by the wrong people.

Not the people who would rip children away from their parents when they’re not busy lying about their other disastrous policies. He means the other people.

We need more godly men in 2018. You know, the world is full of a bunch of sissies and homos and queers and, you know, women running the show in politics. And America is cursed! This is a serious problem! And if we’re going to follow in God’s footsteps and do things godly, then we have to stand up against the corruption that’s in the world.

And listen, you know, all these bossy women and queers that are in charge, it’s up to men to stand up and do what they’re commanded to do to take America back, if you will, to reverse the curse that’s on our country right now…

It’s amazing how we live in a country dominated by conservative Christians at every level of politics, by a Republican Party that is run almost entirely by men, yet Fannin believes it’s everyone else who’s in charge.

People like him will never be satisfied until everyone who doesn’t look, sound, and think like him are erased from the public square.

On a side note, Fannin also said men weren’t taking charge because they were too busy playing Nintendo… which is really turning out to be the weirdest Christian meme of 2018.

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