Podcast Ep. 223: The Evangelical Woman Marriage Checklist June 23, 2018

Podcast Ep. 223: The Evangelical Woman Marriage Checklist

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Should Catholic Church confessionals about child abuse be reported to the cops? (2:01)

— Apparently, Australia doesn’t exist. (9:45)

— Two Christian women released a marriage checklist. It’s disturbing. (13:14)

— In Alberta, religious schools want the ability to “out” members of Gay-Straight Alliances to their parents. (26:00)

— PA State Rep. Brian Sims had a one-finger salute for Mike Pence. (36:27)

— “Hot Dog Water” isn’t a thing. But people are buying it. (39:13)

— Focus on the Family doesn’t care about families being ripped apart by Donald Trump. (43:05)

— Country musician Rory Feek accepted his gay daughter’s marriage. Now Christian bookstores won’t sell his memoir. (45:54)

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s GOOP tried to get more scientific… and failed. (53:36)

— The governor of Texas promised a dying boy that he would ban abortion completely. (59:26)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was accused of immigrant child abuse by 600 members of his own religion. (1:07:13)

— Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz won a huge settlement from the Southern Poverty Law Center (yay!) and the Religious Right is using it to their advantage (boo). (1:14:45)

— Can you separate art from the artist? (1:27:03)

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