Virginia School District Will Require Buses to Display “In God We Trust” Signs June 22, 2018

Virginia School District Will Require Buses to Display “In God We Trust” Signs

In Virginia, where the law already requires schools to post “In God We Trust” signs in public buildings, the Lee County Public Schools is going a step further.

Starting next year, the school buses will also have to promote God using these signs:

School Board Chairman Mike Kidwell released a statement, saying in part, “In God We Trust is our country’s motto. The school board wanted to expand this motto to our bus fleet to preserve its value and to show our community’s patriotism.

Sure. Because non-Christian students need a reminder earlier in the day that the people in Lee County look down upon them.

There’s no reason this religious phrase, under the banner of the national motto, should be placed in buses. It shouldn’t be in the schools, either, but if the law requires that, at least the school board can say they have no control over it.

The buses, however? They have control over those. And this school board has decided to shove religion in students’ faces in multiple places, even when it’s not necessary.

There’s nothing patriotic about it. No student will board those buses and love the country more. The smart ones will at least realize that there’s something wrong with any country that has to constantly remind citizens to love it.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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